Company introduction  

We were founded in 1985 in the wave of reform and opening up, located in longhu district, shantou city, guangdong province, the registered trademark is "dongtian". Over the course of more than 30 years,

We single-minded attention to the development trend of plastic products surface decoration;

We single-minded research and development of plastic products surface decoration technology;

We single-mindedly do plastic products surface decoration membrane and diaphragm;

We wholeheartedly follow the development of plastic surface decoration and growth!

In the course of more than 30 years, has left one after another the historical mark.

Our national spark program project of heat transfer printing film in 2000 has brought a new heat transfer industry to China!

Our programmable (PLC) thermal transfer machine has become a collection of shenzhen museum "from the pearl river - the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up".

Our heat transfer printing flower film has been used by many high-end plastic products in the world for a long time!

-- our IMR film began to obtain the mass production of plastic products of household appliances in 2014!

-- our INS diaphragm began mass production of automotive plastic interior parts in 2018!

We have entered the age of "thirty and standing", "the years are long, and the busy people from the promotion", we will uphold the company"s "integrity, pragmatic, harmonious, progressive" enterprise purpose, continue to forge ahead, do not forget the heart of the beginning, with the courage and persistence of pioneers, to explore the wisdom and acumen, unswervingly, keep pace with The Times! We look forward to working with old and new friends to seek common development and create a grand cause.

Product List
Thermal transfer membrane, machines
Transfer Printing Film Plastic Products
Transfer Printing Film metal products
Glassware Transfer Printing Film
Timber products Transfer Printing Film
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